New Art from Pamela Spiro Wagner

These are two very different paintings, clearly…The top one is the one most people like. For obvious reasons, as it causes less pain…I did it for them. The bottom one is about me…but no one likes it though I don’t care. Both are for sale if anyone is interested. Please get in touch with me by email or comment box to discuss price and shipping…

A Murmuration of Starlings with '32 Chevy (free hand copy in oil paint of oil pastel drawing I did at Retreat and gave away)
“A Murmuration of Starlings with ’32 Chevy” (free hand copy in oil paint of oil pastel drawing I did at Brattleboro Retreat and gave away)  c. 16″ by 12″ oils on prepared paper)
Spewing evil into the world. (Reworked)
Spewing evil into the world. (Oil on canvas  30″ by 24″)

5 thoughts on “New Art from Pamela Spiro Wagner”

  1. By the way I love the car painting, even though I did it to please others…I still love doing cars in oils so don’t get me wrong, Even if it doesn’t depict my inner state, that doesn’t mean I don’t really like it for what it is. Plus I thought I captured the scene well, the car is great and the idea of the Murmuration of Starlings as the focal point, taking away from the obvious car, well, I thought that twas a perfect idea…So I DO Like it a lot!


  2. Oh me oh my, what is reasonable??? this is always the hard part…The car painting is on paper, with a shield of Matte medium so it the oil paint doesn’t destroy the cotton fibers…None of the pieces are framed. The large face spewing out biohazard would be the most expensive and hardest to tranport to UK if that is where you live, as I recall. The car painting would be the easiest. The woman with the hatchet in her head needs to be sprayed with fixative to dry the oil pastel but that is also on canvas and stretchers…but smaller than the face…So it all depends. some of the costs are in the transportation…WHich one do YOU like, that is what matters! I like almost everything I do, for different reasons, so I would never tell you to take what I like…Taste in art is personal and why would you want to hang something that YOU might not like???? I can say that I could part with the Car and Murmuration of starlings painting for what I would consider a very reasonable price…plus shipping. If you want to discuss this privately email me at pamwagg217 at gmail dot com! Thank you! If you have other paintings in mind, do tell me however. Muchas gracias and grazie molto!


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