The OCD Project on VH1

I have to tell you that I do not usually watch VH1. In fact, thinking that it was always and only a music channel, and moreover that it featured music of the sort I do not generally enjoy, I have never watched it. But I was up all night last night because I couldn’t fall asleep and I was channel surfing, trying to “bore myself to sleep,” only to come across their amazing program, The OCD Project. Yes, it is comes under the rubric of a “reality show” and the OCD sufferers featured might in fact be “on stage” in the same way that I suspect those  “Housewives of New Jersey” on Bravo Channel are (the dames in that show must be acting, they are so ridiculous!). But it is hard to believe this is the case. Even if I am wrong, it doesn’t matter, because if they are performing in any sense of the word, the enactment of the disorder of OCD is so compelling and the treatment so gritty and potentially life-changing that I am going to recommend it to everyone who happens across this post.

Please, whether or not you have schizophrenia, bipolar or Lyme and you have come to this site because of those: if you have any interest in or symptoms of OCD, check out THE OCD PROJECT at the following link. Once there, scroll down to the links to the full episodes. Click on Episode 101 first, then the clips to 102, then the full episode 103 and you will be all set for Episode 104 when it appears either on TV or on the website.

Good viewing! I think you will be impressed and may learn a lot. I know I did. Let me know what you think.

Perhaps more important, let the producers of the show and of VH1 know your feelings, because such programming about mental illness is so very important and their efforts in that direction ought to be encouraged.


Brief update:

The Saphris and Abilify continue to do me good without causing any particular harm or objectionable side effects. Except for the pills’ bad taste and brief oral anesthesia after taking Saphris –surely a tiny price to pay for what seem to be big benefits — I can’t think of anything I would improve about it. Perhaps it would be good to feel inspired to get back to “doing artwork” again, which has not happened. Not yet.  But I think this may be due to the fact that I have been focusing on writing poetry to the exclusion of almost everything else. On the other hand, I can read, a little, which is good, though it takes some effort to sit with a book and concentrate. When I decide to make the time and do it, I can. I am also, I think, losing the weight I gained on Zyprexa, slowly but surely, which is only to be expected, since the Abilify has all but caused my appetite to vanish completely. I am back to forgetting to eat, rather than emptying the fridge at all hours of the day and night.

That brings me to the subject of another post I will write soon: how drugs affect the appetite and how my experiences with Zyprexa and Abilify make me certain that while appetite may be all in the brain, it is “brain-chemistry” for everyone, even for those who do not take medications. It has virtually nothing to do with so-called willpower.

3 thoughts on “The OCD Project on VH1”

  1. I watched the show, completely all the way through for the first time the other day ago (the guy whose fear was of El Caminos). I was glad to see the type of therapy used mirrored my own. It was quite successful for me as long as I continue the exposures.

    The biggest problem I had viewing the show? It raised MY anxiety and made me want to act out compulsions. anyone else?


  2. Great blog everyone. This show has fascinated me as a former sufferer of OCD/Anxiety disorders. My major concern is that the TV style pop therapy may be missing the mark on what millions of people are coping with “PAS Post Abortion Syndrome” This is not a widely accepted diagnosis by therapists but the symptoms
    are classic..constant handwashings, intrusive violent thoughts/dreams, ritualistic behavior and failure to bond with surviving children.
    I am not giving a judgemental religious point of view, I was in therapy and tried many medications unsuccessfully until this was dealth with. Just a helpful insight to a syndrome like Post Traumatic Stress when all else fails it may merit investigation. For more info go to www.


  3. With regards to hunger: It is both environmental and biological. There are glands in your body that trigger hunger. If you medicine interferes with the glands’ secretions, it will send hunger signals, to either eat or to not be hungry depending on the hormone that is being effected. So it is both will-power and biological. Anything that interferes with the hormone secretion levels will show an effect in appetite, in your case it is medication.


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