In 4-point Restraints for Disobeying the Rules at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, CT, in January 2013



I was shackled to the bed, immobilized so i couldn’t move a muscle for nothing more than walking out of the so-called quiet room and strolling to the end of the hall then coming back to the QR under my own steam. The very fact that it took scarcely one or two leisurely people to restrain me tells you how little it was an emergent or necessary procedure. Although they told me, “This isn’t punishment, it is because you don’t follow directions, Pam,” it was, of course, nothing except punishment. They did it to teach me a lesson. And it was discipline, because I was obnoxious and loud and they “couldn’t control me” any other way.

5 thoughts on “In 4-point Restraints for Disobeying the Rules at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, CT, in January 2013”

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  2. Spending a little time in restraints that you asked for is one thing! If you prefer others to take control rather than learning that you can control yourself and that restraints are not a good way to deal with anything, fine. But to put a patient who is not violent or even out of control into restraints for nearly an entire day, re sedating her because she doesn’t cry uncle…is heinous in the extreme.
    I am sorry if you feel that you have to break walls. But better walls than allowing rogue staff to continue to punish and degrade patients with non-helpful modalities of non-caring “treatment”! You need to think again about why you go berserk and why you prefer to be punished rather than helped to regain control like a human being.


  3. I’ve put dents in the walls of quiet rooms in 3 different hospitals and bloodied up my forehead because I asked them to put me in restraints because I was going to lose it, and they didn’t believe me. They wanted to have me just take a few deep breaths… as if that’s going to stop a bipolar autistic meltdown. Spending a little time in restraints unnecessarily is unfortunate… but so is the anti-restraint movement causing a lot of undue pain and suffering for patients who need them from time to time.


  4. seclusion and or restraints are not to be used unless deamed by a physican that a patient is harmful to themsleves or others. but your in a institution who they gonna believe. i have ran into this problem many times as a teen and a few as a adult. its bull shit barbarc tactics to deal with someone.


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