Trump is only what we deserve!

I knew we were stupid enough to select DJT, or to allow him to steal the selection…because we permitted the Supreme Court to select GWB too, then cowered and (also laughed at his willful ignorance for 8 years…) kowtowed …but Trump is only our just desserts, imho5E6664D3-E0EC-4A83-9F50-F2A0CE1E5A33

5 thoughts on “Trump is only what we deserve!”

  1. “there’s an element of authenticity to a Trump government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people”

    Oddly enough I completely agree. It is only under the Dumpster-in-Chief that our honest racism and bigotries have been allowed to openly show their faces. These aspects of Americanism have always been here. We are the country who even as we sang the praise of Union, undertook thr mass obscenity of Jim Crow…and though support for the cause Of native Americans (contradiction in terms, since our aboriginal population was never truly American and might not care for the characterization now ) has been growing in certain circles, most would never dream of contemplating honest reparations. We as individuals claim to be blameless and never to “see color” yada yada…so even the notion that collectively we owe anyone reparations, or even equal opportunities, tends to be repugnant to Joe and Jill Average.

    Trump’s biggest sin (or perhaps as you suggest, his virtue) is in prompting white “ Europeanate” Americans to feel free to voice their many hatreds with impunity and expect it not only to find widespread approval but legislation created to further its development as policy, with a capital P.


  2. The only honest flag the US could ever fly is one signifying piracy, complete with deaths head. Old glory (or Union Jack in the case of the UK et al) is much too colorful…as if cheerfully concealing the murder and international mayhem that nevertheless has been wrought with deliberation since this country began.


  3. I know what you mean. The very notion of ‘Australia’ was imposed on the Land of my people by those who stole it and slaughtered us, so as you might imagine ‘Australian’ isn’t a badge I wear with pride. And when it comes to abusing immigrant children we’re not only a decade or so ahead of you, we do it to refugees who have every right under Australian and international law to enter our country informally.

    Some days I’m relieved that as a US lickspittle, Australia is rarely as extreme as it’s neo-colonial master in abusing people in the name of the imperial status quo. Other days I’m ashamed at the shit things we readily do at US behest that are often even counter to our national interests. It’s a habit of imperial sycophancy the Brits gave us, along with a Union Jack on our flag (overdue to be replaced by Old Glory if you ask me).


  4. I have never ever been proud to be a friggin American so you have no arguments from me with your comment! I think too many Americans not only do not know the grotesqueries we have perpetrated in the world for two centuries but DO NOT CARE! It is despicable utterly despicable!


  5. I dunno about stuff like ‘what we deserve’, but at the risk of letting my anti-USism show (you are not the Americans, just a portion of them), I’ve gotta say there’s an element of authenticity to a Trump government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ that was sorely lacking in previous administrations.

    There’s a popular Trump era internet meme in which an old British comedy sketch is used to compare contemporary America to the Nazi SS.

    Well, in case there’s still someone who hasn’t noticed, when you’re provoking trade wars (and shooting ones) left, right and centre; when you’re separating children from their parents and tossing them into detention; when you’re bullying small countries in the WTO to ensure US baby formula companies can continue to illegally promote their products in developing countries; when you’re appointing (pardoned) criminal torturers to head the world’s biggest intelligence organisation and thugs and shysters of all descriptions into key international positions; when you’re flat out trashing the environmental measures desperately needed to save this civilisation from ecological disaster just to make a quick buck, you definitely ARE the baddies.

    The US empire has always been criminally despotic but at least under Trump we’re allowed to say it in well-heeled liberal circles, instead of pretending that having a well spoken woman or black man in the Whitehouse somehow makes it all OK.

    Oh yeah, and he scuttled the TPP treaty that would have given US drug companies even more power over the Australian health system – so there’s that to be grateful for.

    Trump’s idea of ‘making America great again’ is bad news for the US and its people and for that you have my sympathy. But for those of us living in US satrapies it’s our best chance to cut ourselves loose from a sinking behemoth before it drags us down with it.


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