4 thoughts on “Voices of the Little people i hear OUTside my head”

  1. As i recall, the book by Oliver sacks doesnt deal with schizophrenia much, but mostly with so-called non-pathological hallucinations. He is a neurologist by training and a wonderful wonderful writer. Just for interest’s sake, you might be interested in reading his neurological stories many people start with, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat. Incredibly interesting short “tales” about his patients with to most of us unheard of neurological conditions. You will learn a lot!



  2. Hi Pam,

    I’m too tired at this hour and after a long day (but a relatively peaceful one thank goodness), to write much, but thank you for your thoughtful response.

    I’m wondering why psychiatrists say hallucinations are called positive symptoms of schizophrenia. Perhaps literature by Dr. Sacks might offer an explanation.

    Thank you for reading my story! Also, thanks for your interest in Neil. I will surely tell him what you said 🙂 Hope your getting rest and that we’ll talk again soon.

    Michelle (dogkisses).


  3. Wow! What a touching, amazing story. You should read the book, Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks..(any book by dr Sacks is worth reading, imho!). Not all hallucinations are schizophrenia, as you know, clearly, but way too many people do not…visual hallucinations are typically NOT part of the schizophrenia psychosis, but many people think they are. Drugs can produce them, and toxic or delirious states. Epilepsy. But generally speaking NOT schizophrenia and it should always be a warning sign to a diagnostician to look for other things going on, either instead of or in addition to schizophrenia when there are visual hallucinations.

    Remember, tho, most docs are not psychiatrists, one, and two, they don’t even bother to diagnose their patients with ANY psychiatric condition…they just prescribe anti-depressants or even antipsychotic drugs w/o even giving a diagnosis for justification. That is what the latest studies have shown about doctors’ prescribing habits…sheesh!

    Many normal -what is normal anyway?!?!- people hear voices, under stress or even just because they are prone to. It is all a matter i think… of interpretation. Maybe…i dunno. What makes my voices schizophrenic and yours not, except that i have accepted the diagnosis as pathological and too I have acted on what they tell me (outside my head, always, but some people with schizophrenia do say they hear them “inside”)?! But if i could learn not to pay attention, if not to hear (and don’t we say, when we didnt pay enough attention to something, excuse me i didnt hear what you said?!) wouldn’t that then convert them to something non- pathological?

    Big questions, big questions. But i like that you push me to ask them!

    Love to you always,

    And hello to the artist in residence…tell Neil to get cracking on using up that newsprint with throwaway drawings! 8)




  4. Awesome art Pam!!! Seriously, I love this piece!

    You know, I have voices, but I’ve always known they were ‘inside’ my head. I never really called them voices, but I did draw them once. I called it “Constant Court,” as they judge me, mostly. I went to see a therapist once and we did a meditation. We imagined me sitting at a large table and inviting this “court” to the table, where they each had a place to sit, but I was in control of when one could speak. Ever since, I’ve used the table in my mind when the chatter gets loud. I drew each one, later, and it turned out that they were parts of me, my past and the people I grew up with, some of whom weren’t very nice. I told this to a hospital admissions counselor once, and was nearly diagnosed with schizophrenia! They did send me to the floor where people with that diagnosis went, but when I got there and realized it, I asked what the hell I was doing there and they said I mentioned voices. I was shocked. I told them those voices were simply my emotions! Most of them were; anger, sadness, joy, etc., So, they put me with the depressed people who had been shocked into not remembering where they worked or lived. I think the other floor would have been less depressing, ha, but I got out of there the next morning anyway after telling the doctor/psychiatrist about how the nurses had danced around me at 4am singing, Ca-sa-ra sa-ra! (I don’t know how to spell that).

    I’ve learned that stress triggers these voices. I heard a talk on NPR about it one day and was so relieved to hear that many people hear chatter in their heads when their under stress. I know this is different than the way you hear, I guess, but your art inspired me to share.

    Michelle (dogkisses).


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