Sketching at The Mall: You are Here

Near the Apple Store, sketching all day at West Farms Mall, West Hartford CT.

Certain things were particularly tricky in this sketch — like getting the dual level of the mall clear, at a distance, and the wood texture of my cane with its metal head against the wood of the table. You might be able to tell, from the level of detail, that I started out with the big planter of pinkish roses, and proceeded from there. But I did not have time for the mutltitiered ceiling, and I simplified the upper level background, per force, wanting only to suggest that it went back into the background and that there was a sign to the exit that let in a certain amount of natural light. To capture the people wandering the lower level shops, I literally did not look at the page but drew them without lifting my pen from the paper. The figures are meant to be rough. After all, they are far away and cannot be seen in much detail. Nevertheless, my technique managed to convey human figures and yet also to suggest enough differences to make each person relatively unique. (I think, I hope…) Not everything I tried was a success. The floor in the foreground was a resounding fairlure as a way of suggesting limestone like fossiils…And i would be very surprised if ANYONE can discern that there is a person riding the escalator to the right and “behind” the potted roses…OH well, can’t get everything perfect and this is just an art journal sketch book, (not even a Moleskine one at that! though I admit that the next time I buy one, I have promised myself I will invest in a better one that this “Grafffiti” black book that is a piece of crap.

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