I Scream Back at the Voices

But in truth I screamed all three weeks and never stopped. I am still hoarse!

I think this photo is a bit clearer, though the art is unfinished still and will be for a while as I have not the energy to finish it yet…And I am still in too much physical pain to do that kind of artwork at the moment.

They held me down so many times for IM injections of Haldol, that i developed piriformis syndrome in my hip and could not finish the collage. That’s how drugged up and out of it the 20-30mg of Haldol a day made me, in addition to the pain. It was hell.

But of course, Dr Ostroff knew that. Everyone knows Haldol is torture. They have known it since congress declared it was torture when Soviet dissidents were given it in the 60s..My being forced to take that is, being forcibly injected with Haldol was strictly punishment for my refusing to take Zyprexa!

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