2 thoughts on “Pam and Joe in HFSC smiling”

  1. Hi Inge,

    One of the reasons i kept on visiting joe when so many friends fell away had to be, i think, that his face positively lit up when he saw me. When you have that effect on someone, how can you possibly abandon them? Anyhow, he had always been incredibly loyal to me over the years of my illness, and i knew i had to stick by him now. But i would be less than honest it i said it was easy…joe was not my boyfriend, and he could be difficult to be with…though the volunteers that I arranged for him, the “Friends of Joe” as they were called, never saw that side of him. Anyhow, it isnt easy for anyone to deal with ALS…not the patient surely, but not the friends/family/loved ones either. It is a horrendous illness, just one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. IMHO.


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