4 thoughts on “Eemie on Bed”

  1. Yes, Ing, I know it isn’t crazy. I love the fact that your beloved Mick might be back incarnated in Pikolo. Why not? I think that Eemie is definitely not ready to leave me, why I do not know. I only know that she comes and goes but is never far from me, and really just still lives in my apartment as contentedly as she ever did. Just doesn’t eat food any more…which I think is a relief to her, as she never did like to eat and was a champion barfer all her life! 8) Truly, though, whenever I think she has finally said goodbye, she reappears to remind me that, No, Moms, I am stil around, and still love you…She was just here tonight in fact, sitting on my red chair. So thanks, I appreciate your understanding. I know you know exactly what I mean and completely comprehend how NOT crazy it is. Thanks again. Pam


  2. It doesn’t sound crazy at all Pam. About 5 years ago I lost my beloved dog Mick. He had a brain tumor and was suffering from seizures. I had to take him to my vet to put him down and while the vet was injected my dog with the sleep potion I held my dog and told him how much I loved him and thanked him for being part of my life and if it is at all possible to please come back to me and I would find him. I know it sounds like crazy talk from an overly distraught woman. About 1.5 years ago my dog Pikolo came into my life. We found him at the pound and so I adopted him. I know this sounds strange but I really feel that Mick has come back in some form in Pikolo. We have the same bond and Pikolo goes everywhere with me and he even sleeps with me. He is part daschund so he like to burrow and he loves crawling underneath the blankets when I am ready to go to bed. He’s like a warm heating pad. Animals are great.


  3. Thanks, Inge, it was really amazing how young Eemie always looked. Even in the video we took, a friend and i, in Eemie’s last days, when we knew i would want some final memories, she still looked more like a youngster than an elderly cat. I think it was because she had a large head compared to her body and that gave her a childlike look…she was my baby, my all- time most beloved cat, and i swear she is still here. When i come home from being out somewhere, even just grocery shopping, i often feel that she is waiting for me at the door. That sense is so very strong that i will greet her out loud and even bend down to pet her, invisible though she is. Not crazy…i think she will always be a part of me and will stay with me until she wants to leave.


  4. I have a cat and a dog and I know how attached we can become to our pets. Eemie is beautiful and yes your kittie does not look like an elderly cat in this picture.


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