One thought on “Female Torso, Posing in Dress”

  1. I’ve worked diligently on my drawing. But still, the best work I can do requires AT LEAST a base, if not a full form to start with. For example, if you give me a pose of a female doing something cool, I can turn it into a male doing something different with the same pose…or combine several pictures to arrive at my drawing. The problem is, I’m still tracing basic forms to get to my more advanced artwork. I own 4 different SERIES of books meant to improve my art in fantasy and sci fi but whenever I try to draw from scratch it looks worse than anything the first drawing a small child does. I’m a perfectionist, so starting with circles and erasing lots of lines before the end drives me off the deep end. I can’t make a perfect circle…like at all…I haven’t got any stencils or if i do I somehow still end up correcting the circle for 2 hours. By that time, I’m bored, angry at the drawing for not ‘working right’ and giving up. I’ve been practicing for about 9 years and still not making any progress…Should I stick with what I know I have a talent in and give up, or is there a different starting point for someone like me?

    Note: I’ve tried starting without the circle, like the head and hair shapes on their own, but still go all perfectionist on it. I’ve also tried starting with the torso and seem to have proportion issues whenever I draw anything other than a head with hair and a face…


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